Peace, Tranquility, Calm, Protection, Kindness…

Pax, Peace… echoing the motto of the monks of Saint Benedict, and like the flow of the benevolent and protecting river that the mountain sends upon his winemaking sons.

It is this serene calmness of Nature and of profoundly rooted hearts, like our mountains and the almost century-old vines that are scattered there, that we wished to imbue into our Pax wines. The old vines on our rocky hillsides in their soil of deep clay, grapes slowly ripening under the generous sun of Provence, and patient growth are the three strings on which this symphony is played.

Pax Red

Poetry from the earth

The Vineyard:

The parcels selected for this wine have a common thread: they share the same freshness coming from the mountain air, the same deep soil, enriched by the rocky and heavy clay mixture, and the same full exposure to the hot sun due to the fact that they are planted on side hills. The most typical example of this unique situation is the circled valley between the two monasteries of le Barroux.


Viticultural Work:

Beyond all other focuses, “Maintenance and Service” of God’s Creation are the two main axes of our conscientious growing approach. Our goal and philosophy are to let nature, through our vines as well as our other products in Provence, produce its fruits in its own timing: today and… tomorrow. The perfect microclimate along with the famous Mistral, keeping the air clean and healthy, are important agents in accomplishing this goal. The yields are closely monitored according to the different terroirs, vine types, graft carrier, age and density of the plants.


Vinification and Production:

The harvesting is done primarily by hand followed by a very strict sorting in order to keep only the grapes that are perfectly healthy and ripe. The vinification process is classical, with initial macerating in concrete tanks for 20 days without the stems. The extracting and straining by délestage is done at the beginning of the fermentation; then we perform some light stirring in
order to prevent hard tannins. The malolactic fermentation follows,bourgui and the wine is later racked into concrete tanks for 18 months of ageing and then bottled.


Bourgogne bottles, style Agape of Saver Glass (Agape is the Greek for Charity).

Grape Variety (Cépages):

• Grenache 85% (for the boldness and long aging qualities)
• Syrah 15% (for the fresh refined taste)

Tasting (Dégustation):

Beautiful deep maroon color. The smell will captivate with its touches of licorice, caramel, and prunes. The taste is generously loaded with a sweetness that
envelops the silky tannins. The final taste is slightly peperred and has an elegant

13,10 euros

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